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The dental laboratory chain with the longest history and experience in the digital dental field. Local and central management with years of in depth dental experience.





Liberty Dental Group was founded in 2023 and built upon a foundation of history, knowledge, passion and craftmanship. This is examplified within our key business units that are the foundation of Liberty Dental Group: Excent Tandtechniek, Flemming Dental and ArtiNorway.  We are focused on autonomous growth, digital innovation and a strategic buy-and-build approach.

  • Excent has a combined 30 locations with a shared service center in Reeuwijk.
  • Market leader in the Benelux
  • Focus on full service labs, always nearby
  • Unique product portfolio: 3-line concept
  • Partner labs in Eastern-Europe and Asia
  • Centralized Ortho lab & milling/3D- printing plant
  • Education programs: both technicians and dentists
  • Unique: Intercongress, post-academic education institution

  • Total of 33 locations, nationwide coverage in Germany, shared service center in Hamburg.
  • Market leader in Germany
  • Footprint strategy emphasizes broad regional coverage. Smaller labs are supported by a hub-spoke model.
  • Digital production for milling and 3D-printing centralized at Flemming Tec in Leipzig.
  • Flemming International

  • Frontrunning lab with locations in both Oslo and Trondheim
  • Digital printing and milling capabilities available at both sites
  • Mix of local and offshore production


For our clients, who need a partner that not only provides exceptional dental lab services but also actively collaborates and innovates. The business units of Liberty Dental Group provide a specialized dental lab solution that will deliver personalized, high-quality and technologically advanced lab work. In striving to be the best European lab chain we continously  focus on each individual patient’s well-being and the ongoing education and growth of all stakeholders.


To foster collaboration and innovation with dental professionals within our targeted regions, tailoring our services to meet unique patient needs and forming strategic partnerships and acquisitions that align with our core values.

Customer first

We prioritize our customers by focusing on quality, predictability and open communication.

Core values


Driven by our love for the exceptional craft of dental lab work, we continuously strive to surpass the expectations of our clients, patients and employees.


We embrace the ever-evolving landscape of dentistry, continuously adopting cutting-edge technologies and fully digital workflows.

Life long learning

Committed to lifelong learning, we invest in the ongoing development of our technicians and clients, enhancing the quality of our work.


Responsibility guides every facet of our operations, from product quality to environmental well-being.


Our vision on digitalisation

Manufacturing – CAM
Traditional dentistry>5 days
Hybrid dentistry2-3 days
Digital dentistry
1-2 hrs

We invest in people, technology & the future!


Fully developed Shared Service Centre infrastructure with strong capabilities across all functional areas.

Strong base for continued site performance, operations and expansion via mergers & acquisitions.

HR / Recruiting




Business development

Marketing & Sales


Data analytics

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure site performance (quality, service, operations).

Strong regional management structure to ensure optimal interlink of Shared Service Centre and sites.

Dental clinic / Dentist

Local lab

Shared Service Centre

Lab-to-lab capacity management tool

Operational Business Intellegence dashboards

Sharing knowledge

Enable significant
efficiency gains


Digital production/ Footprint

Shared Service Centre

Joint strategy
and growth projects

AirSmile® Aligners

Buy and build strategy

Market places

Best practice

Product offering

Digital workflow

Marketing & Sales

Connect with us

Liberty Dental Group is a strong player in Europe and is recognized as the digital market leader in dental lab work.

To expand our success, we are looking for dental labs who want to be part of Liberty Dental Group.

Labs can be added to the existing labs or work stand alone and benefit from the support of the local lab organisation.

Each country has their own identity and culture which contributes positively group and connects employees.

We would like to tell you more

Gabriëlle Majenburg

Gabriëlle Majenburg

CEO Excent Tandtechniek
Tobias Kiesewetter

Tobias Kiesewetter

CEO Flemming
Kim Robøle

Kim Robøle

CEO ArtiNorway
Hidde Hoeve

Hidde Hoeve

CEO Liberty Dental Group
Tim Schelling

Tim Schelling

COO Liberty Dental Group
Hans Burger

Hans Burger

CFO Liberty Dental Group
Michiel Goote

Michiel Goote

M&A Director Liberty Dental Group

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